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Name:The Sound of Steam
Birthdate:Aug 27
Location:Massachusetts, United States of America
Let me start by saying something Voltaire said best "I'm not an expert, I'm just some guy with an opinion." I write band profiles, cd reviews, and try to write musings on music considered "Steampunk."


It’s hard to nail down 100% what the Steampunk sound is. It's like defining what the "Goth," sound is; there's no genre that is particularly Steamy but we can make guesses. What may seem glaringly steamy to one person might not make sense to another, and yet another might say “There’s nothing Steampunk about that.” To that person I say, hold on a moment. Some bands (Abney Park) claim to be steampunk bands yet others (Dresden Dolls, Gogol Bordello) get lumped into the genre without their consent, and sometimes without wanting the title. Whisper Merlot goes into greater detail on this phenomenon in her blog post “Reapropriation of Media by Steampunk,” found below:

I could wax poetic for hours about the conundrum of “Defining” a Steampunk sound. “It’s baudy and fun! Yet sometimes serious,” “There are lots of accordions… except when there aren’t.” “The sound is vaguely reminiscent of Goth Industrial band The Cruxshadows… except if it’s a guy with a guitar singing folky music…” The list goes on. The best way to describe it would be Brecht and cabaret-style theatrics but not limited to them, and an attitude for anachronism. Bands which use instruments, sounds, and themes from yesteryears are great springboards.

What I really want to do is provide a blog for finding new and interesting bands you may or may not know and saying why MIGHT a person consider this band Steampunk.


Because the steam sound is so different for every person the best attitude to go into any potential Steampunk media is not “This is/isn’t Steampunk,” so much as “Why do you consider this Steampunk?”

Since my tastes and your tastes may be completely different I’d rather not use a five star or 10 out of 10 system. My system will probably consist of:
• Listen before you buy.
• You could take a chance.
• Go ahead and buy
• Dig through their trash and frame whatever documents you find!
The only specifics I will give is that I never say “Don’t even bother.” Please, bother. Please disagree with me. I’ll also do my best to match them up with bands that they are similar to, and, when possible link to a video of their latest video or myspace so you can decide yourself if they’re worth the effort.

EXAMPLE: Abney Park- fans of Cruxshadows, Thou Shalt Not, and a little bit of the catchier Skinny Puppy songs may enjoy selections from these guys.
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